International Air Transport

Air transportation has been one of the safest and fastest way of transporting, especially transporting valuable, dangerous or sensitive items. Using cargo planes and cargo airlines, you can freight your goods worldwide.
B.S.L is one of the leading company in international air transportation in Iran. Our exclusive services are: air freight for heavy and outsize items, dangerous items, liquids and batteries; door-to-door transportation and airmail service.
B.S.L Express Company offers various air freight services from all around the world to Iran and vice versa. It has active offices in Shenzhen (China) and Dubai (U.A.E).

Carry Battery

Heavy Load

Carrying Liquids

Carrying Documents

Dangerous goods

Door To Door

Air Transportation Advantages

B.S.L Express Company makes available airmail service from all around the world to Iran. B.S.L Express Company has been in this business for a long time and carried out services that no other Iranian company could. Air freight with B.S.L, that has 2 active offices in Shenzhen (China) and Dubai (U.A.E), is beyond limitations (comparing to sea and land freight).Thus, air transportation from U.S.A, Canada and every European countries to Iran is done by B.S.L. That is why our company’s loyal customers trust us.

Cargo safety along with fast and safe delivery have been our number one priorities. We have been able to meet those priorities for our customers till today and it makes us proud.

The Fastest Transportation
The safest way to move goods
The Least Risks 
The Easiest Tracking Transportation

Air Freight Costs

The combination of various factors determine the air freight costs, factors like:

• Measurement (Length, width, height and weight): the cargo measure is essential to estimate the costs.
• Category: some goods categories require special considerations which adds to the costs.
• Distance: distance plays an essential part in cost estimation. Costs vary based on fuel prices that vary based on oil price fluctuation.
• Insurance: added insurance costs more.
• Customs Clearance: customs clearance may put on additional costs.

Contac us

We, at B.S.L, recommend the best and most affordable shipping way that is customized for your cargo.

Without doubt, Ocean Freight is one of the best common shipping way to transport goods from one country to the other. Trust our professionals in this field. Please contact our experts for further information.


  • Gold: Up to 150 grams of ornamental gold without ornamental stones
  • Silver: up to 3 kg
  • Travel currency in accordance with the regulations of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran up to a maximum of $ 5,000 or equivalent in other currencies
  • Saffron: 100 grams per passport
  • Pistachio: 10 kg per passport