What Is Door-to-Door Service?

Naturally, Customs clearance process and delivery are troublesome, that makes door-to-door one of the customers’ favorite services. In this service, the company clear your cargo from customs and deliver it to the door of your house or your office. B.S.L provides this service for its customer. Door-to-door is one of air transportation divisions at B.S.L. Thus, our customer does not need to do anything and we do all the customs paperwork.

To Whom We Offer Door-to-Door?

We are ready to do this service for all of our customers. The following groups have been the main customers of door-to-door service:

• Students and internships who are studying abroad, especially after using airmail service for documents;
• Frequent travelers worldwide;
• Business travelers (from company managers to business owners);
• Immigrants (job immigrants or people who wants to start a new life elsewhere);
• NGOs (mostly for their humanitarian projects).

If you do not belong to any of those categories, do not worry. B.S.L will be pleased to customize door-to- door service for you.

سرویس door to door