International Ocean Freight (Maritime Transport)

One of the major ways of international shipping is Maritime Transport. For centuries, people use this kind of transportation to travel and trade. Although new types of shipping have been developed, maritime transport is still regarded as the dominant choice. Approximately, about 90% of international shipping is carried by the sea.

B.S.L Shipping Company is registered in Iran Ports and Maritime Organization. It has the membership of Shipping Association of Iran and some other main international related associations. B.S.L Shipping Company, the exclusive agent of PBS shipping lines, is ready to provide NVOCC, ICL, LCL, and Bulk transport services for its customers:




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What Are Maritime Shipping Advantages?

Transportation plays a critical role in our everyday lives although its importance may be overlooked . In a developing global economy, a large number of cargos need to be transported in the shortest possible time. In order to freight thousands of containers “Mega-Ships” has been built. Because of many considerable advantages of maritime shipping over the other types of international shipping (Road, Rail and Air transport), approximately more than 90% of merchandises around the world is shipped by sea and ocean freight.

International Ocean Freight advantages make this way of shipping interesting for companies and big businesses. Maritime transport is regarded to be:

• An inexpensive shipping way;
• An Ideal way to ship the oversized cargos;
• The safest way to ship cargos (the least damages possible to the cargos);
• The most environmentally friendly shipping way.

The cheapest way to transport goods
The most ideal way to carry large goods
Minimum damage and damage to goods
The lowest level of environmental pollution

Types of Ocean Freight

There are different types of sea shipping with different shipping rates.

  • Deep-sea Shipping:
    In this type, shipping is done intercontinentally by crossing oceans, covering long distances and the use of big vessels. Deep-See shipping often carries goods such as iron ore, oil, cement, and fertilizers.
  • Short-sea Shipping (Costal Shipping):
    Contrary to deep-see shipping, vessels which are used in this shipping are smaller and they cover short distances. The vessels can travel inland, along the seashores and other waters.
    Short-sea shipping is right for smaller cargos, which is shipped with different freight rates.
  • Inland Shipping:
    The vessels used in this type are designed for inland waterways (like rivers, canals and lakes). The quantity that can be transported by this vessels are the smallest compared to the first and second types.

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Without doubt, Ocean Freight is one of the best common shipping way to transport goods from one country to the other. Trust our professionals in this field. Please contact our experts for further information.


It usually takes between 30 and 35 days for a product to move from one country to another in this mode of transport, which is more time consuming than other methods.

OBL stands for Original Bill of Lading Cargo Shipping, which comes in two types:

  1. Passport for transit
  2. Bill of lading for shipping lines

Bulk cargo is actually shipments that are loaded on the ship without any packaging, such as grains, iron ore, cement, sugar, minerals, phosphate, coal, and so on.

These ships are currently the most widely used in maritime transport. All these ships have containers with different volumes. These containers are available in 20-foot or 40-foot dimensions, with a width of 8.5 feet and a height of 5.9 feet.

  • Here are some basic facts about a shipping shipment that will give you an idea of ​​the scale of the industry.
  • About 90% of all goods are shipped by sea and ocean.
  • There are about 55,000 ships carrying shipping around the world.
  • The maritime transport industry employs about 1.5 million people worldwide.
  • Greece, Germany and Japan are the countries with the largest fleets in international maritime transport.
  • The largest shipping ship can carry about 18,000 containers.
  • Without shipping, many raw materials cannot be transported. Therefore, shipping transportation plays a key role in the cost of products.
  • One of the biggest dangers for the shipping industry is piracy. However, shipping by sea or ocean is still the safest form of transportation worldwide.