BSL Express Company guarantees to ship your dangerous cargo in the safest possible way.
We ship your dangerous cargo in accordance with internal and international laws and regulations. We transport your dangerous cargo , which has been safely packed and loaded, using the most appropriate way (the fastest direct flight, sea or road freight)

Dangerous cargos must be packed and loaded in accordance with special international  regulations of Air, Sea or Road Freight. The packing has to be done with the highest standards and extremely safely in order to prevent any chemical interactions, discharge or leakage in different circumstances, i.e., temperature changes, pressure, humidity or vibration. Thus, each cargo has to be packed with regard to its nature.

Dangerous goods shipping is  very sensitive and special, consequently the following measures have to be kept:

  • Using appropriate container according to international standards;
  • Following packing standards and amount limit for each package;
  • Using absorbent materials;
  • Marking and labeling each package;
  • Providing transport documents and papers;
  • Separating incompatible hazardous goods;
  • Using due transportation ways for dangerous goods that are banned from shipping by freight and passenger planes.