What Is FCL?

Normally, full-container-load shipment happens when a shipper cargo equals a container capacity, the shipper acquires the container from the shipping line and loads it . Then, the shipper sends back the loaded container to the shipping line to freight it.
But, full-container-load is a tricky term. Actually, 3 other shipments are called FCL, too. First, Whenever the container contains the cargo of one shipper exclusively is considered FCL. Second, whenever a container is loaded with several shippers cargos by those shippers rather than a carrier, for the carrier and even the port officials the shipment that comes in the port, fully and loaded, is FCL.
Third, whenever a container is stowed and loaded by the shipper instead of a carrier or their contractors, for the carrier, the shipment is FCL again and it does not important if the half, quarter or even all of the container capacity is taken up or not .That is why a very important sentence is included in ocean freight bill of lading saying: shipper’s load, stowage and count.