International land Transport

International land transportation is one of the affordable ways of transporting goods and is used for large loads that are not time sensitive. Land transport takes 3 to 10 days in average. The delivery time depends exclusively on the distance between origin and destination. If you need a fast solution or an international delivery, you may pick rail or ocean or air freight.

Each truck used in land transportation is formed to carry different types of goods. In accordance with the size, volume and kind of your commodities, we recommend you different ways and suitable trucks.

International land transportation

Ground Transit

Why Land Transportation?

Land transportation has been developed throughout centuries worldwide. Iran land transportation, just like the rest of the world, has been evolving gradually. At the beginning, it was done by using animals as carriers. During the Achaemenid era, Iran played the leading role in developing land transportation by creating a system for postal service called “chpar khane”.Then, during the Safavieh era, the system grew a little more by using wheels and chariots and inns. Modern transportation in Iran began during Qajar era when the trucks came in and during the First Pahlavi when Iran's national railways set off.

Land transportation is a simple yet beneficial way to freight. But why and what are its advantages?

Easy tracking along the route
Economized packing expenses
Fast, timely and scheduled delivery

Land transportation is a subcategory of international transportation. It has different types in Iran and other countries. Transporting goods using land and rail fleets, trucks and trailers has become a normal choice for transporting. For many years, Iran has exported its goods via land transportation from Turkey and other European countries (as the origin) to various destinations including CIS countries.

Issuing the bill of lading is of special importance in land transportation. The bill of lading has to be issued in 3 copies - one for the consignor, one for the consignee and one for the carrier- signed by the 3 parties (consignor, consignee and carrier). The bill of lading includes the following information:
Name and address of the consigner; name and address of the consignee; the origin and the destination of the cargo; costs; type, size, number and weight of the cargo.

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Without doubt, Ocean Freight is one of the best common shipping way to transport goods from one country to the other. Trust our professionals in this field. Please contact our experts for further information.


If the container for carrying the goods is not completely at your disposal and the container for carrying the goods is generally shared with other importers and traders, that is, you use some container space, the so-called transport of your goods will be grouped.

Cargo bill of lading