Delivery of goods in the fastest time Wherever you are in the world ... Railroad Transportation The safest method of transportation in the world International fast air Post With the ability to move liquids, batteries, documents, dangerous goods and heavy loads Maritime Transportation It has 5500 TEU containers in 20 and 40 foot sizes, Flat rack and Open top

Working time

Maritime Office: Sunday to Thursday 9 to 15 - Closed on Saturdays
Airline: Saturday to Wednesday 9 to 15 - Thursday 9 to 12
Bandar Abbas Office: Saturday to Wednesday 7:30 to 15:00 - Thursday 7:30 to 12:00

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International Shipping of Blue Sea Stars

Blue Star as one of the oldest international shipping companies with over two decades of experience adhering to the principles of freight according to domestic and international laws and regulations and providing various services has managed to keep up with Become one of the strongest and most specialized shipping companies internationally. Blue Star Sea Company is one of the specialized authorities in the field of sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation and rail transportation. You can choose one of the above ways to ship your goods to Iran or vice versa with the advice of our experts. BSL's professional staff is ready to help your loved ones

مشاوره بازرگانی

Business Consulting

Providing international export, import and trade advice to manufacturers, traders and traders on export and import

حمل و نقل


Shipment of goods by air, sea and land in the form of cargo and containers

ترخیص کالا


Preparing and filing documents and calculating costs including tax, commercial interest and customs duties and other facilities provided

منبع یابی و خرید

Sourcing and shopping

Finding a Foreign Supplier and Supplier (Supplier)

سرویس Door to Door

Door to Door Services

Carrying out all tasks of purchasing shipment and clearance from place of production to customer's desired place

بازرسی کمی و کیفی کالاهای استاندارد

Quantitative and qualitative inspection

Qualitative and quantitative inspection of standard goods

Transportation Gallery

Personnel and Offices Photographs of Our Company

BSL International Shipping Company Approach

Blue Star International Shipping With over 5 decades of continuous and successful business in the field of International Trade, Transportation and Commerce and consisting of a multidisciplinary staff of expert logistics professionals of different nationalities, ready to serve everyone Comprehensive and professional in the whole supply chain process to all merchants and customers.



Container Service from Iran to Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean Ports



Export and Import of Chemicals by Flexi Tank ISO Tanks

ارزش های بنیادین

Fundamental values

Groupage shipping by truck from Europe and Asia to Iran and vice versa

شعار ما

Our Slogan

Air freight from all over the world to Iran and vice versa

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Why is BSL Holding your best choice for international shipping?



Blue Star Company has 5500 TEU containers in 20- and 40-foot sizes, Flat rack and Open top


Person employed in Iranian offices

Blue Star is proud to directly hire and collaborate with 100 people in its Iranian offices.


Offices around the world

Blue Star Company has 3 offices in Iran, 1 office in Emirates and 3 offices in China for your convenience.


Tons of cargo volume

About 15 tonnes per month is shipped by door and door to door by blue sea star.

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