What Is LCL?

حIn less- than- container- load or LCL, your cargo will be combined with other shippers’ cargos in one container. LCL is suitable solution for small cargo which due to its small number or size and low weight, does not need the full space of a container. Thus, the shipper only has to pay for the space or capacity (in cubic meter) of the full container that is given to their cargo . The payment formula will not change even if the given space is less than the container capacity or equal to its capacity. Moreover, if the container capacity is shared with others, the paying formula will not become different. And that makes LCL a very affordable shipping method for small cargos in ocean freight. Finally , in this method, the carrier has the duty of loading the container. LCL is considered to be the opposite of the next shipping method, which is called FCL or full- container- load