What Is Bulk Shipping by Sea?

Bulk Carrier Ships (bulk carriers) have been sailing on the oceans recently. In the nineteenths century, bulk carriers made up one third of the world’s merchant fleets. Iran has 36 bulk carriers. This method is one of the common way of sea freighting.

Dry Bulk Carrier

This ship is designed for loading bulk materials with an engine at the back part and large cargo hatches . The hatches are funnel shaped and single floored. Their door is located on the deck. Dry Bulk Carrier mostly ships grains worldwide.

Liquid Bulk Carrier

The ships designed for liquid bulk carrier are called “Tankers”. The different kinds of tankers based on the cargo that they ship includes:

• Oil Tanker for shipping crude oil and petroleum products;
• Liquid Gas Carrier for shipping liquid gas like LNG and LPG gas tankers;
• Chemical Carrier for shipping chemicals.