What Is Rail Transport?

Rail transport is the use of railway networks and stations to freight cargos.
Rail transport is considered more efficient and usually, in comparison with road transportation by trucks, fastest way of land transportation. Its efficiency can be attributed to the fact that freight trains carry many more loads than trucks and it reduces the transportation costs considerably. Additionally, it is more beneficial in large quantities, when the same quantity can be transported with less manpower and energy by using freight train.
Rail transport, domestically or internationally, is done via transport corridors that are used exclusively to transport goods

Factors Determining Rail Transport Costs

If you want to know the costs of rail transport, you had better have the following factors in mind, because the costs of international rail transport depends on various factors:

• Size and weight of the cargo;
• Distance (in rail transport, the long distances are the cheapest.);
• Delivery type (the destination is near the station or far from it?);
• Good category (inflammable, fragile, toxic, …);
• Insurance (different goods require different insurance costs.);
• Customs clearance (when the cargo passes borders, customs and import duty may be applied).

What Are the Advantages of Rail Transport?

Rail transport, one of international transportation subcategory, is picked by companies and businesses that seek the safest possible transportation for large quantities, domestically and internationally. Besides safety, freight trains produce less pollution and environmental damages in comparison with transporting by heavy vehicles.

Finally, rail transportation reduces costs because it needs approximately 50% less energy than road transportation.

Good for transporting large quantities
The cheapest shipping way
Environmentally friendly
The safest shipping way

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several situations where rail transport is the best option available:

  • When transporting internally from ports.
  • When sending large amounts in bulk.
  • When you are looking for fast delivery over long distances. (Air transport is only faster, but not suitable for large shipments)
  • When transporting raw materials such as coal, metal ore, etc.
  • When looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to road transport (rail transport uses 3 times less fuel than road transport).